Company Policy

Power For The Future

At Padmanabhaswamy Associates, we have established a Code of Ethics that is strictly followed in every business transaction and can be summarized by the following With utmost consideration for the safety of life and property and the protection of the environment, the company dedicates itself to meet the expectations of its customers and the aspirations of its stakeholders by ensuring that an Effective Integrated Management System is in place that complies with the relevant National and International Codes, Standards, Statutory and Regulatory requirements.


We have learned through our experiences and success that any transaction or communication must display credibility, honesty, and transparency. These attributes should not be limited to within our network of buyers, consultants, sellers, and brokers. We respect all of our clients, buyers and sellers, and members of our support network in our business.


We believe in transparency and honesty to develop and maintain relationships, as well as business transactions. At Padmanabhaswamy Associates, we strive to create relationships that are open from the beginning and we respect that our clients and partners portray a similar emotion.


Each buyer, seller, broker, intermediary, and consultant has unique and different personalities. We face people from every culture and creed. It is our primary goal to treat each individual with the same respect and gratitude to appreciate all relationships.
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